Call for Papers


This workshop will accept submissions and presentations including but not limited to the themes listed below:

Non-verbal human facial and gesture reaction generation;

Human behaviour (verbal or non-verbal) generation;

Human emotional reaction prediction;

Affective and emotion-aware human-robot interaction

Social robotics and assistive robotics

Large Language Models (LLMs) in HRI

Applications of affective HRI in real-world scenarios:

Verbal/non-verbal emotional behaviour generation for robots and intelligent agents

Human-robot trust and transparency in interaction

Artificial emotions in robots and intelligent agents

Personalised and adaptive robots in longitudinal interaction

Affective and emotion-aware HRI

Contextual factors in natural human-robot interaction and collaboration

Graph representation learning and Graph Neural Network for human behaviour understanding

Theory of mind and imitation learning in empathic robots

Microexpression recognition and generation

Ethical considerations of affective systems and robotic applications

submission guidelines

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