AHRI will be a full day virtual workshop at ACII 2022 on 17 Oct 2022. .

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Tentative schedule (in JST):

10:50-11:00: Robot-assisted personalized upper limb rehabilitation training based on reachable workspace

11:00-11:10: SLRFormer: Continuous Sign Language Recognition Based on Vision Transformer

11:10-11:20: Multiple attention convolutional-recurrent neural networks for speech emotion recognition

11:20-11:30: [Best Paper] Non-parallel Controllable Cross-gender Voice Conversion Model with CycleGAN and Transformer for Social Robot

11:30-11:40: Shape parameters of UGV delivery robots that affect subject’s perception of safety

11:40-11:50: Affective Interaction in Domestic Service System: Emotion Evaluation and Regulation for the Older Adults

11:50-12:00: Perception of Multimodal Hedges in Communicative Behavior of a Companion Robot

keynote speakers

Prof. Dana Kulić (Monash University)

Prof. Hatice Gunes (University of Cambridge)

Prof. Adriana Tapus (Institut Polytechnique de Paris)

Prof. Aiguo Song

Southeast University

Prof. Xiaofeng Liu

Hohai University 

Dr. Johnathan Mell (University of Central Florida)